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15 June 2012 @ 03:17 pm
For our Amusement [mature] [un-beta'd]  
I haven't had that much of a chance to clean this. But since two people have asked me for it anyway, here you go. Read at your own risks, this fic is a bit old and it was my first time writting smut. So (I think) it's pretty newbe stuff.

Pairing: UKUS (yes this is top England just because).

England’s hands roamed over the body bellow him. England began to kiss America, first on the mouth and then his neck and shoulders. Finding the buttons of America shirts he began to work on opening it.. Before he was able to accomplish this task, America pushed him away.

With a yelp England held into the bed covers. “Stop doing that,” England glared down at America. He had almost stumbled out of bed. “A simple stop would have been enough.” No need to almost throw him out of the bed. “What now?” England spat out, not bothering to hide his irritation. With every passing moment he was tempted to just tie the other down.

America blushed, “Sorry. I just wanted to make sure, that we are really doing this. That there won’t be any regrets tomorrow.”

England understood the other’s concerns. This was a huge step to take for them. They weren’t strangers that wouldn’t see each other again after today. But close allies. This had the power to change their relationship, for better or for worse. But there was nothing to regret. England looked at America, thinking it over, “Yes. I want to do this more than anything,” he finally said.

He’d spent years dreaming about this, feeling ashamed that he even had those feelings, trying to find warm in other’s beds. He’d been hoping for this for a very long time. He was willing to risk it, to accept any changes that would come from it.

America nodded. “I thought so.” America then began to pull his own short off. England took the hint and began to do the same. They had disposed of their coats when they had entered the room. But England was still wearing more clothes than his American companions.

By the time he was completely naked, America was already lying on the bed.

England too this chance to take a good look of the American’s body. He had seen the other shirtless before. Yet England had never before openly stared at him, fearing that America would notice him looking.

America was well toned; he’d probably gained a few pounds with all the food he ate. But somehow America had managed to still look good. He’d gotten a tan too, probably was expending some extra time in his Southern states. As he touched the other’s face, his own much paler skin stood out.

England could never tan like America. He was actually a bit jealous. But it only made America even more beautiful. Golden hair, sky blue eyes, they were his too admire right now. He moved in for another kiss, America’s pale lips were already starting to look bruised.

England was a bit ashamed to admit it, but he wanted to leave marks on the other’s body. To have America remember what was about to happen, even if it was only for a few days. That thought only helped to arouse him more.

England trailed his fingers across America’s jaw, slowly moving down to his neck and chest. He then followed that trail with his own mouth, tasting the other.

England looked up to make sure America was enjoying himself too. If the other’s flushed face was anything to go by, England was happy to know, he indeed was.

He finally took one of the American’s nipples in his mouth, making him gasp. Gripping the Englishman’s hair, “Enn…gland,” before he moaned his name.

Hearing it made the Englishman smirk and move to the other. He wanted to hear America moan it; scream it, until his throat was sore from it. After he was happy with his work, he moved away to continue to trail kisses down the other’s body.

America buckled his lips, trying to find some friction. But England moved away. He looked disapprovingly down at his partner. “All in good time, all in good time.” England smirked. Enjoying the fact America wanted him, wanted him as much as he did. But he wanted to take it slow.

It wasn’t easy for him. He wanted America and it took a lot of him not to just jump the American right there.
America wasn’t used to so much teasing. When he had other partners it tended to go down quickly, with very little foreplay involved. Yet, he wasn’t complaining. It was annoying not getting down to it, but England was extremely good at the foreplay. America couldn’t deny he was enjoying it.

America moaned when England sucked on another spot. But England was finally getting closer to his goal. This exited the American even more.

A chuckle made America turn to look at the now smirking Englishman. “America look at you and the real fun hasn’t even started.”

“Then stop playing around the bush and get on with it.” England only smirked at his fellow nation, his mouth hovering above America’s member, but still not touching it. America would have pushed the other down, if he wasn’t sure that would have pissed him off. Which he knew would have ended badly for him.

Instead he tried buckling his hips up again. But England this time was ready for it. He gripped them and forced America to stay still. America groaned, throwing his head back against the pillow.

‘Tease.’ America thought to himself. Only England would torture him in such a cruel way. He was probably doing it as payback for America interrupting their previous make out section.

“England please, I beg you….just do it already.” America wasn’t the one to often beg. But this time he was prepared to put his ego aside. He just wanted England to touch him already.

England took this change to kiss the American’s inner tight, making his bedmate moan out loud. “England!” The other gasped when the Englishman began to lick the same spot. England began to trail his kisses up then, until finally he took the head of the member in his mouth. America gasped again, this time moaning a loud ‘yes’.

America grabbed into the other’s hair again, twirling the locks with his fingers. England was a huge tease, but he finally began to take more and more of it in his mouth. England’s long fingers wrapped around the base and began to pump it. England’s cold fingers, along with the warm mouth brought America into full hardness.

If England had planned to drive him insane with his touch, then the British nation was doing an incredible job.

England’s eyes stayed on America the whole time. When he was sure America had had enough he pulled away. This caused the other to whine at the loss of warm. But England didn’t want America coming just yet.

He crawled back up and recaptured the American’s mouth. America could taste himself in the others mouth. Wrapping his arms around the Englishman’s neck, he pulled him closer. They kiss for some time, their hands roaming over each other’s body.

“Playtime is over old man, I want to do this now,” America said when they pulled back. His erection was starting to become painful.

“Alright lad, do you want to turn over, or is this fine with you?” America started at the other nation. When he began to laugh England pulled back. “What got into you?” England said, glaring down at his bedmate.

“Sorry, sorry. I’m just still not used to this.” America tried to hold back his laughter, but failed miserably.

England finally giving in to his irritation pushed the American down. Grabbing his writs and smirking just like he did during his Empire and Pirate days.

America gasped, but continued to smile up at England never less. “By the time this night is over, you won’t be able to sit down without remembering me for weeks to come, lad.”

England moved down and began to suck on a spot on the other’s neck. America wrapped his legs around the other and grinned. He was actually looking forward to it. “Bring it on old man.”

America shivered when England moved away from his body. He tried to grab him, to stop him from moving. But England shook his finger, still escaping America’s grasp. “Where are you going?” America asked. A bit concerned that England was just going to leave him like that. But England wouldn’t be so cruel?

He watched England move around the room, searching for something. “I’m trying to find the lube.” England answered, looking back at America before returning to his search. Hearing England’s answer America relaxed again back into the bed.

Of all the things he had expected for the meeting, ending up in England’s bed hadn’t been one of them. America wished England would hurry up and get back on the bed. He hadn’t noticed how cold the room felt without the other’s warm.

He tilted his head slightly to get a better look of the now naked England. England hadn’t changed that much in the past hundred years. Even with his Empire gone, there was still strength and power in him.

England finally found what he was looking for and went back to America. Crawling over to kiss him before going back to work on pleasuring both of them. When England pulled back he was smiling once more. He looked down at America almost dreamingly.

“You are beautiful.” America blushed. It was strange to hear England compliment him without sarcasm, especially after he had gained his Independence. “So many of them think that, even when they don’t show it. I always feared that one of them would take you forever. Win your heart. Even if one of them does, I will always have this night.”

There was a hint of sadness in England eyes, but it was quickly replaced by something else. Lust probably. England began to kiss America once more.

England hand moved from caressing America’s face down and began stroking him. Changing position he began to kiss his jaw and neck. But not even that treatment prepared America for when England finally inserted the first finger.

“I’m sorry.” America heard England say. He hadn’t missed the way America had flinched.

“S'alright.” America moaned once the initial burn was gone. This was hardly his first time. He’d been expecting it anyway. “No pain, no game, right?”

“I don’t want it to hurt.” England almost pulled back, but America would have none of it. He wrapped his hand around England’s, smiling up at him.

“England if I can handle getting shot, multiple times even, survived multiple wars. I think I can handle this.” It wasn’t like it was his first time too. “I’m not going to break, so get to it already.” This entire wait was worse than any pain he could feel from this.

After what felt like forever England finally continued with his work, murmuring sweet things to his ear while continued to stretch him. After a while the burn was completely gone and America could now only feel the pleasure.

He was sure he wouldn’t hold for too long. “England, I can’t…”

“I know love, but I’m going to have to ask you to hold on. Do it for me.” England bit down the earlobe. England finally pulled the fingers out, but they were quickly replaced by something else.

“Fuck.” America wasn’t even sure if he had said it out loud. England may have looked small, but there was no doubt about. The British man was well equipped. “Who would have thought.”

“Huh?’ America heard England ask. But instead of answering, he wrapped his legs around him, using them to pull England closer. He needed more, more friction and more of England.

England waited for America to adjust before he finally began to move, now moaning in pleasure along with his partner. “So tight.” England groaned, making sure he was looking down at America the whole time.

“America.” England moaned the other’s name, speeding his pace as he did so. He wanted to chant America’s name over and over again. To say the correct name for once. That it was really America shuddering in pleasure under him.

For once there was no need to imagine that it was indeed America. No worries about the embarrassment and shame England felt afterwards. For once it was really America and he was enjoying every moment of it.

America gasped after England hit the rights pot. Along with his legs, he now wrapped his arms around England’s neck. They kissed once more, sloppily but not caring. The only thing that mattered was each other and the pleasure they were feeling. Finally admitting to each other how much they had wanted it and for how long.

After picking a pace he was happy with. England focused on helping America along. America only needed a few strokes, he’d been holding back for too long now. England was in no better position himself.

Neither of them was able to last for long, both calling each other’s name as the finished. England fell besides America. They stayed like that for a few moments. Too tired to move and frankly not wanting to move.

Finally America turned and wrapped his arms around England, pulling him close. England was warm and comfy. England turned and hugged America close too. He would have preferred to take a quick shower. But something kept him in bed. Probably how nice and warm America was.

“That was very nice.” America finally said when he recovered his voice. He hoped he had yelled that much. He had been enjoying himself so much he hadn’t even noticed.

“I should take a shower.” England said, quickly standing up. He was blushing, but there was a hint of proudness in his eyes. He just wasn’t someone that liked to show off. Let France do that. England was nothing like France. He didn’t need to show off. He had other, better, ways to show people he was good.

After England was done with his showe, America did the same. He turned the water on, letting the warm water relax him. It had been a stressful week and his body was starting to feel sore. Though that wasn't the only reason why he was sore anymore. The thought of what had just happened making him blush. But he had never felt better. Turning the water off, America quickly dried off and joined England in the bed.

Wrapping his arms around him once more America quickly kissed England’s forehead. “You know, you said you wouldn’t mind if this was a one night thing. Even if I wouldn’t speak to you ever again after it was over.” America felt England’s body tense. “I don’t think it has to be like that. I wouldn’t mind doing this again.”

England’s body finally relaxed. He turned around to wrap his arms around America. “I wouldn’t either.” He finally murmured with a smile.

It was almost like a dream. One neither of them wanted to wake from. They knew it wouldn’t be easy. But nothing ever was. If they had managed to live through worse things, they would manage to live through this.

“The others won’t stop bothering us about it.” England said, he looked up at America.

“I know,” he answered with a small frown, “I’m hoping it will be a while before they find out.”

“Mnn.” England nodded. Knowing them it probably wouldn’t be long. They were extremely good at finding gossip about each other. But then if America was able to keep quiet he hoped they would be safe. Any calls and meeting could be concealed as political and work related.

“This is going to be great.” America whispered happily. Before they had known it, sleep overtook them and the fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arm.

In the next meeting America and England found out exactly how thin the walls in the hotel were. But nations wouldn’t stop blushing during the whole meeting. Once the break came they quickly disappeared to avoid talking to any of them.

If the shenanigans during the other meetings had been bad, there was no way to describe the ones during this one. Not even Germany was bothering to keep them quiet anymore. After a few tries, he had simply given up. This of course meant that Germany now had a reason to frown at America and England.

‘I’m sorry.’ England had wanted to say. But he was too embarrassed to say anything.

“Well England, you finally gave in to your desires.” France had joked. Making sure there was enough distance and tables between him and England. England had scolded, looking away from him. It looked like France had forgotten the punch he had received last time.

“I want to die.” America whispered covering his face. At least this time they were both equally embarrassed about the whole thing.

“I know love, I know.” Sadly there was no one they could bale this time. Not even the frog. That didn’t mean England wasn’t going to get a bit of revenge for letting his secret out later on. He was just waiting for things to calm down first.

“I can’t believe that worked.” Spain said while he took a sip of his drink.

“I guess the cost was worth it after all.” France massaged his jaw, remembering England’s punch very clearly. “I had to take a hit to my beautiful face for this to happen. I hope they don’t waste my sacrifice.”

“I wish you guys would have told me.” Canada whispered looking at France. It would have saved him the embarrassment of yelling at France in the middle of a pub. But at least things had been solved. The nations were still gossiping. But for the most part they were ignoring England’s embarrassing secret. Now they were mostly gossiping about the fact America and England were together.

“Who gave you the idea to do it anyway?” Cabana asked, but France only smiled at first.

I was getting tired of England’s moping. It is not fun having sex with someone who is always whining.” He also hadn’t enjoyed the fact his partner kept calling someone else’s name. At least it was reassuring it had happened with others too.

“It wouldn’t have worked without me.” Prussia said proudly. He picked his beer, drinking it down in one go. “I was the one who started the gossip after all.”

“Oui, but I was the one England punched.” France quickly defended.

“Are you still going about that?” Prussia simply shrugged. England probably would have found a reason to punch France anyway. It happened in almost every meeting. He still believed it was his awesome self who had helped bring the lesser awesome couple together.

Canada only smiled. He’d gone out drinking with them enough times to know this fight wasn’t going anywhere.