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10 February 2012 @ 12:55 am
Teleported Into the Looking Glass(21)  
>Title: Teleported Into the Looking Glass
Author: mistressssnakey
Character(s): America, Japan, Italy and Russia(for now).  
Pairings will be announced as the show up.
Rating: PG13(this chapter is pretty PG, but rating will go up).
Warnings: Some OOC.
Summary: America, Italy and Japan find themselves in an alternate reality after a failed experiment. There things are quickly put at stake.

This story can be found at FF.net

Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21]

Romano hadn't been able to sleep well since he'd arrived to this world. It was unlike him to not even manage to take a nap. But he couldn't help it. It was almost like his nerves were on fire. He couldn't stop worrying about neither his fratello nor himself. With everything he'd heard, it was impossible not fear for his life. Any moment Cuba's forces could break into the base and kill or take prisoner everyone inside.

This was hardly the first time he would be captured. But that fact alone didn't help calm his nerves. Plus the stories he'd heard were more terrifying than any tale about the British he had heard before. Romano could still here others outside the small room. Some talking or just moving around. Everyone was restless, more than any other day.

Romano had tried asking, but no one had answered. They were all too busy doing something or they weren't sure themselves. Here were rumors about sightings of troops outside the campus. That was what had everyone in high alert.

"Dammit!" Romano groaned. He wanted to sleep. He was tired. Why couldn't his brain understand that? He could have gone outside but he didn't really want to be part of anything of that. This war wasn't his problem. The only think that mattered to him was finding Italy, getting back to his brother and the others.

Instead he covered his head. Trying to keep the noise out and see if that would help. After what to him felt like forever, his body finally began to relax. He had even managed to drift into an uneasy sleep. Unfortunately it didn't last long before someone literally ran into his room. They then began to shake Romano's shoulders, waking him up.

'Why did this kept happening to him?' The Italian nation thought. He was starting to fear people here had something against him and sleep.

Romano pushed the other country away. Blinking as he tried to return to full awareness. "It took me forever to fall asleep, why would you do that?" The Italian rubbed his eyes and finally looked up to see who it was. He wasn't surprised to see it was Spain. "I should have known."

"Sorry to disturb your rest, but we have to go." Spain walked towards the other side of the room. Picking the few things the others had given him. They were only clothes, which were too big for him anyway. It wasn't much but it was practically the only thing he had here. He pushed them into a bad, throwing it over his shoulder.

"Why?" Romano asked even if he was already getting out of bed. Spain had left a pair of pants which he quickly got on. He would have comment on the fact that Spain should have looked away while he dressed. But something had once more stopped him.

It had to be the look on Spain's face. Romano didn't know why but it made him shiver. It was the look of someone who was afraid, very afraid.

Romano finished dressing without saying much. Once he was done, Spain grabbed his hand leading him outside. While the small building was usually busy with people. Now it was almost complete empty. Things were missing too. In fact it looked like a mess. Like everyone had left in a hurry, which in fact they probably had.

Spain led him outside. Those who remained were now getting ready to leave outside. Spain seemed to be leading everyone into different directions. Romano himself had lost track of everything. It was still dark out, which meant he couldn't even see what was ahead of him. If it wasn't for Spain holding his hand and leading him, he probably would have gotten lost by then.

They were moving away from the camp. Romano guessed they had chosen this hour because the darkness would help hide them. He hadn't even noticed it was a new moon. There stars were still bright, but Romano hoped not bright enough to reveal their locations to any passing forces.

He wanted to ask where they were going. But he was afraid to talk out loud and someone else hearing them. None of the people in the group were talking.

Finally they stopped by a river, were a small boat was waiting for them. Spain pushed Romano into it, along with two other humans. He handed him the bag. Then something cold was pushed into his hand, when Romano looked down he found himself carrying a gun.

"Only use it if you really have to." Spain whispered, stepping away from the boat.

"Wait, aren't you coming too?" Romano asked, not caring how desperate he sounded. Spain couldn't be planning to leave him alone. He had promised to help him after all. Plus he…he didn't want something happening to him. It wasn't like he cared, but they still had helped him.

"Sorry, but I'll meet up with you again. I just have some things to take care of. But this will take you to someone that will help you get out of here, hopefully right into one of Canada's camps. There some fake documents in your back, try memorizing them as much as you can." Spain began to wave as the boat began to move.

Romano continued to watch the Spanish nation until finally he was too far away and Spain turned around with the remainder of the soldiers and disappeared into the dark wood once more. "Stupid bastard, how can he leave me alone like this?" Romano murmured to himself. He sat down, wrapping his arms around his legs and hiding his face.

He wasn't crying because he was worried. He was crying because he was angry. There was no need to worry. If he was sure of one thing it was that nothing could stop Spain. That idiot had some sort of gift when it came to that.

The rocking from the boat and Romano's own tiredness, which had only grown after all the running, helped Romano drift off.

"Roma!" Romano winced. Off all the people that could have come to see him. Hadn't it been bad enough getting captured by the British and then having to eat that man's disgusting food. Spain wrapped his arms around the Italian. "I missed you so much Roma."

Romano pushed the other away, cursing ever profanity in Italian he could think of. Spain simply smiled. He was used to Romano's mood. I really missed your cursing, but I missed your kisses more." Spain pulled Romano closer, sneaking in a quick kiss before Romano pushed him away again.

Romano was now as colorful as the tomatoes they both loved so much. "So cue." Spain giggled. Romano was adorable when he blushed. Not as much as when he smiled, but sadly those smiled didn't come to be as often. The blushing on the other hand was something completely different.

"Stop smiling like that dammit and get me something to eat!" Romano said still blushing. "I had to eat that bastard's England food for so long I don't even remember what good food tastes like."

Spain nodded and grabbed Romano's hand, leading him towards a small restaurant that served excellent pasta. Hopefully that would help Romano's mood somewhat.

Romano jumped when a hand touched his shoulder lightly. He looked up to notice the sun was out already. He wasn't sure for how long held slept, but by the location of the sun in the sky it had been a few hours. That's when he noticed his face was wet, almost like he had been crying.

"Lo siento, no fue mi intención asustarlo. Pero vamos a comer algo, creí que tu también deberías unírtenos." The woman smiled and helped Romano up. The other soldier was a man, one he'd seen walking around the base. Romano had talked to her before, but not the man.

The food wasn't anything great, a simply sandwich and some water. But it was something. Romano was now surer that sometime had gone by because he had been hungrier that he remembered. He wasn't sure how much food had been packed, but he hoped it was enough. Not that he had any idea how long the boat trip would last. The only thing he knew was that they wanted to take him to one of Canada's camps.

When he sat back down he noticed the gun. He picked the weapon up and placed it away in the bag. He hoped there wouldn't need to use it. He rested his head on his legs again, there wasn't much to do on the boat but eat and sleep.

When Romano was awake he never saw anything interesting, trees and water. Sometimes he saw a bird or some other animal. But there were no signs of villages, boats or other humans in general. At one point they were forced to leave the boat and walk for what felt like forever.

Three days after Romano had last seen Spain, they finally arrived to their first destination. The boat waiting there was larger. It was a fishing ship. The two soldiers spoke with the man in some language he couldn't understand.

Finally Romano was helped into the ship, led somewhere under it were he would hide. For what he had understood, the ship would hopefully take him to Florida. It would be a long trip, but they couldn't risk him out in the boat in case they were stopped and inspected.

It was all sorts of terrifying. The space was small and cramped. Not even a child would have managed to seat there without some discomfort. But if it would put him away from Cuba's grasps then he would endure it. There in Florida he would meet with another group of rebels. It would be dangerous since Florida was now part of Cuba. But hopefully the fake documents would help him as long as they didn't recognize his face.

That worried Romano more than anything else. With this world's South Italy captured, he feared Cuba's forced knew how he looked and would recognize him. In the end it all depended on how much luck he had on his side.

The only time he saw the sailor was when he brought Romano food or Romano had to use the bathroom. He was unable to even take a bath, three days wearing the same thing wasn't something he enjoyed doing. Hopefully once they arrived to land he would get a chance to do just that. Maybe have something good to eat too.

When he wasn't looking at the walls, eating or in those quick moments outside, Romano slept. He almost dreaded the dreams that came. Reminders of his fratello and the other countries, he even dreamt about those he never cared much for. Spain was almost always on his dreams and thoughts, both of them.

At one point Romano heard noise on the neck. His body froze instantly, he even held his breath. His heart was racing fast as he tried to hear what was happening. The people were talking in Spanish, but it was so fast that he could hardly make anything out. The deep accents didn't help at all.

Romano didn't even dare to move and try to put his ear and see if that helped. Any noise could alert them of his location. Romano only dared to breathe again when the steps began to move again and the boat took off. About half an hour later the man returned, informing him that everything was clear. They would arrive to their destination in a few hours.

Romano nodded, feeling thankful for that. He wasn't sure how long he had been at sea. The lack of light didn't help. But he had counted at least five days or more. He would be grateful when it finally ended. He didn't even want to think about what would come after. He only wanted to be off the boat. To be able to stretch his legs once more and take a breath of fresh air.

The only smells in the ship were fish. It was starting to drive him slightly and. Romano was sure he wouldn't be eating fish again anytime soon.

He waited there, unable to sleep. Soon the rocking began to slow down. There was more talk outside, a lot of movement and then silence. Romano stayed still once more. He guessed the ships were inspected on arrival. If they were going to move him it would be at night, when it was easier to hide from watchful eyes.

Romano had been right. A few hours later someone finally opened the hatch and looked inside. Romano couldn't see that well, he wasn't carrying any sort of light. "Come." It was the only thing the man said before pulling back. Romano grabbed his bag and crawled out. He had some troubled standing up. It had been a while since he had done any walking or any stretching.

The man seemed to notice this and helped support him. "Name is Manuel, please try not to make any noise." The man led him out of the boat. There were others there, but there didn't seem to be any humans hanging around. That was until Romano took a better look, in the distance he could almost make someone walking, patrolling the grounds.

"Hurry!" Manual quickly said, pulling Romano along. The hurried quickly, leaving the boats behind. They walked for almost half an hour before finally arriving to where a car was waiting for them. There was another human there, this time a woman, sitting on the driver's seat. The moment the two of them were inside, the car took off.

"Sorry for that. But there is always soldiers hanging around there. If the caught us...well I don't even want to think about it." Romano nodded, understanding. His mouth was so dry he couldn't even speak. "Like I said, call me Manual and that's my daughter Monica."

Romano now took a better girl of the woman or more like girl. She couldn't be older than 15 or 16. There was some movement and then Romano was handed a water bottle. Without hesitation he opened it and drank as much as he could.

"Easy, we don't want you getting sick." Romano had to force himself to stop. But he was right. The man then handed him some chips. "It isn't much, but it should help until we get there." They drove for almost two hours, finally stopping in front of a large house.

They quickly hurried inside. There Romano was rushed into a bathroom by another woman, he guessed the man's wife. He was grateful for this. A bath was something he'd been dreaming of for days.

Romano allowed himself to relax in the warm waters, scrubbing away all of the dirt. By the time he was down his skin was a light shade of pink. It would hurt a bit, but at least he was clean. He noticed fresh clothes waiting for him and quickly put them on.

When he walked outside a warm plate of food was waiting for him. It was the loveliest sight he had seen in days. Once clean and full, Romano sat down with the human family. They quickly began to talk about the plans. It wouldn't be easy to get Romano into the camps. It was literally a battlefield out there. Crossing the border unnoticed was near impossible.

But Romano was in luck. He wasn't the only country that wanted to cross the border. A week prior Brazil had finally made contact with the rebels. He was staying in another house. The two of them would be crossing the border together. Romano couldn't deny that eased his worries. Having another country around was better than doing it alone.

They would talk more about it once Brazil arrived. For the remainder of the night Romano would rest. There was still a long way before he could get to his final destination. Before he left Romano asked about Spain and the others. But sadly they didn't know anything. No news had been passed from neither of the two sides. But it was still too early to make any sort of assumptions.

The only thing they could do was wait and see what happened, hoping for the best along the way.

For once in days Romano was able to sleep on a bed. It was also the first time in days were he didn't even dream.

Spain hurried to join the others, happy to know that Romano was out of there and safe. It wasn't just the fact that those nations had nothing to do with their conflicts. But would still pay in the same way they did if taken. But also he couldn't bear to lose another to Cuba, especially not Romano.

He hadn't been given that much time to work on it. But he was sure it would work. It wouldn't be the first time they did something similar. Once Romano was with Canada he was sure the other would be able to take him out of harm's way. Fly him to Europe with his brother. Hopefully Japan had found a way to get them all home.

"Spain, ya vienen." One of his men nodded towards what Spain could now make out were lights. Everything that could be of any use had already been moved out. Most of the men were also now on their way to another base outside Dominica. Knowing that those men and Romano were safe was at least something.

"Get the remaining men out of here, I will hold them back." He knew they really wanted him. Nations were of more use than any human rebel could be. Netherlands was already waiting in the other base. They would have someone to lead them. Spain thought it was about time he had a strong word with his ex-colony. He had allowed him to do far too much damage already. "Go!" The man hesitated for a moment, before he finally nodded and turned around. Spain could hear him calling the others. But his focus was on the approaching men.

He could almost make out their faces. Right out-front was the person Spain needed. A fellow country, who without doubt would recognize him. He pitied those who had fallen under Cuba's command. But for once their presence would work to his advantage.

Spain dropped his weapon, making sure first that the remainder of the men were gone. Happy he turned and began to walk towards the enemy forces. Just like he'd expected the other country recognized him.

Her want went up, stopping the other soldiers. "So you are giving up?" Spain shrugged off. She walked forward, looking him over. "That makes it easier for us." With a swift move she hit Spain with the back of her gun. The European country fell to the ground.

"Pick him up." The soldiers moved forward, picking the fallen country up. Everyone else moved in to the base, see if they could find anyone else or anything that could be of value.