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10 February 2012 @ 12:50 am
Teleported Into the Looking Glass(20)  
Title: Teleported Into the Looking Glass
Author: mistressssnakey
Character(s): America, Japan, Italy and Russia(for now).  
Pairings will be announced as the show up.
Rating: PG13(this chapter is pretty PG, but rating will go up).
Warnings: Some OOC.
Summary: America, Italy and Japan find themselves in an alternate reality after a failed experiment. There things are quickly put at stake.

This story can be found at FF.net

Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21]

Romano rested his head against the cold wall. It had been months since he had seen the blue sky above, had breathed fresh air. He hadn't even heard anything about his brother and the others. The only people he had seen were the soldiers. Even the countries under Cuba's power avoided visiting him. Probably out of shame.

Maybe it was better that Romano didn't have an opportunity to see them. He would have been more than happy to tell them a few things. They'd stopped fighting, had surrendered while their own people were dying to regain their freedoms.

Yet when he closed his eyes, he could still remember his home. The warm Italian sun against his skin, he could remember his brother's voice. He could even remember walking along the coast. He could even remember Spain's touch.

One day he would see them again. He would return to his country.

He stayed like that for a few more moments, when people talking outside caught his attention. It was about dinner time, but he was sure it was still too early. The voices were too muffled for him to make out what they were saying or even who they were.

He waited to see what was going to happen. Few moments passed and the people outside continue to talk, until finally all the noise stopped.

Romano's eyes didn't leave the wall when he heard the lock click open. A few moments later it was pulled back and someone walked inside. The soldiers never opened the door to leave his food, which meant this was just another torture session. But he wouldn't speak, ever since his capture not a single world of knowledge had left his mouth. He didn't even bother to insult them anymore.

They thought it was because he'd finally given up, they had broken him. But in truth it was because it was a waste, to waste his words with them. They weren't worth the effort.

"Buenos días, hermanito." Romano almost flinched at the sound of that voice. It was far too familiar for his liking.


Cuba didn't often bother himself to pay personal visits to his prisoners. Unless he thought he could gain important information. But the Cuban had already done that with Romano and knew perfectly well he wouldn't share anything. Romano couldn't understand why he would bother to visit him at such a time.

"We are closing in on España y sus amigos. Maybe if I feel kind enough, I'll even let you two be cellmates once he is captured." The accent was thick, but even Romano could make out the sarcastic tone in the other's voice.

Romano continued to ignore the other's presence. Romano knew Spain could be an idiot. But he wouldn't allow himself to be captured by Cuba. He was better than that. Cuba had to be lying through his teeth, trying to get him to break down thinking his… companions were in danger.

Cuba smirked above him. As the nation stepped closer, Romano could smell the tobacco and even a slight hint of rum on him. "Hiding in Dominica was a smart move, but you should all know that nothing happens in my land that I don't know about."

Cuba grabbed the other's face and forced him to finally look up. "Or outside. You see, I'll let you in on a secret." The grip on Romano's jaw tightened, without doubt it would be leaving bruises there. "We have visitors, from another world."

That made Romano's eyes widen. Cuba smirked and stepped away. "They're probably here to invade our world. One of them, another South Italy actually, is currently with Spain. I imagine it is wonderful for Spain to see that person after so long."

By then Cuba had turned around, making it impossible for Romano to see the other's expression. But Romano was sure the bastard was probably smirking.

Romano wanted to say that Cuba was lying. If his body wasn't so weak he probably would have been tempted to try and punch him. But then that would certainly mean death and he didn't want to leave his fratello nor Spain like that. They were the main reason why he still held on to life.

Yet, why would Cuba think of such an incredible lie. Romano knew the Cuba was probably insane by now. But that lie was ridiculous.

"You don't have to believe me of course, but before you say anything. But…" Cuba pulled an envelope out of his coat and threw it at Romano.

Romano picked the envelope, but he did not open it. "Why are you telling me this?" Romano's throat hurt, he'd gone a long time without saying anything.

"I thought it would be of your interest to know that right now the people you are trying to protect are moving on with their lives, finding new friends. Thinking of you dead probably. They haven't even bothered to try and find you." Romano didn't want Cuba's words to get to him, he wouldn't let him.

"You are going to lose this war, it is about time you change sides and join ours. If they are ready to forget you, then make them remember?" Romano looked away from the Cuban and down to the folder in his hand.

He heard the door open and close. Cuba had left him alone to his thoughts. Romano stayed still for a moment before he finally threw it away. He didn't want to see what it was. He wouldn't change his mind.

Cuba like always was lying. He was trying to get on his nerves. But Romano wouldn't allow him to succeed. The others hadn't been given an opportunity to find him. But Romano knew they wouldn't lose hope. They wouldn't forget him.

Not them, not the people he trusted and loved. Romano just needed to be patient, wait for an opportunity and try to escape. Even if one did not come. Cuba would be stopped. There was no way that bastard was going to win this war.

Someone slipped in his food. Romano crawler towards it, he was still too weak to even stand up. They never gave large portions of food. It was easier to look after and control prisoners who were too weak to fight back.

The food was disgusting, nothing like what Romano and his brother were able to make. It had been months since he'd had pasta. But it was enough. He needed the strength the miserable meal could give him. Needed to stay strong and alive for his friends, so one day he could get back to them. Before this war was over, Romano promised he would make Cuba pay for what he'd done.

For all the lives he had taken, for keeping him and others inside the small putrid cells. "Bastard."

The envelope lay in the corner, forgotten, for the time being.

Italy had found himself in strange and awkward situations before. Most of the time he was oblivious to them or so Germany and his brother had told him. But this time, maybe the book America and he had bought and read had something to do with it, he was aware of the tension at the table.

He was sitting across from Austria, who looked as uncomfortable as Italy felt. To his right sat Holy Rome and to his left the other Italy.

Italy had noticed something strange the morning when the two had been together. But the more time passed, the more strained the relationship became. Each time one of them said something, the other had a snarky come back for it. They fought for Italy's attention and in truth it was starting to drive the Italian insane.

At some points Italy had even resorted to just avoiding the two of them.

Yet he was tempted to ask why they had so many problems with each other. He'd tried to initiate a conversation on the subject, but it had not gone well. His best chances were in asking someone else.

Italy glanced at the two countries in front of him. They were, very badly, trying to avoid the other two themselves. It had been years since Italy and Holy Rome had been around each other for this much time. Only two days and they already wanted to rip each other apart.

"This food is very good, Italy." Austria was finally the one to break the silence, probably in hopes to easy the negative atmosphere. Hungary took the time to nod in agreement, taking another bite of her pasta.

"Gracie." Italy smiled, blushing slightly. But glad to know they had enjoyed his dish. The other Italy had helped to. Holy Rome too had helped, finding the fresh tomatoes for it.

"Miss Hungary, have you heard anything from Japan?" Italy looked at the other country with concern. He had finally learned about America's location. But since they had learned of the troubles brewing between China and Russia, he hadn't been able to talk with his friend.

"I'm afraid not. It seems Japan has cut off their connections with the rest of the world." Probably in hopes to remain neutral, Italy thought to himself. "But I'm sure Japan will find a way to let us know of anything important. Your situation has nothing to do with this war."

Italy nodded in understanding. He still wished he could talk to him. Maybe Japan would know what to do with Italy and Holy Rome. Italy had promised himself that he would help fix whatever was wrong with their relationship.

After they had finished, the group went out for a walk.

He other Italy was walking along Holy Rome. The two were fighting again about something or another. Too busy fighting to really notice the other three nations walking behind them.

Once Italy was sure they were put of earshot, he turned towards Hungary and asked. "What happened between them?"

"Mnn… to tell you the truth, I don't know. They were very close as children, but then their relationship just went sour. They mostly avoid each other now." It didn't seem like Austria had an answer for the question neither.

Italy frowned. This only left actually asking one of them.

The walk was awkward for everyone involved. The two countries didn't stop bickering, which left no openings for them to talk. In the end they returned to the house.

Italy lay in the bed, starting up at the sealing when the door opened. "I'm sorry about that." Holy Roman Empire said as he stood by the door. "May I come in?"

Italy nodded as he sat on the bed. "If you don't mind me asking, why do you guys fight so much? Back in my world we were extremely close…" until you died. Italy finished in his head.

Holy Rome smiled knowingly, like he had been expecting that question. "I'm sorry again. I try not to let him get to me, but sometimes it is near impossible." There was sadness in the other's eyes that Italy did not miss.

"I almost died when I went to battle France." Italy flinched at that, remembering that his friend had not been so lucky. "Italy wasn't very happy with me about it. I never told him what I was leaving to do. He meant well, but I wasn't in the best of moods and I ended up yelling back at him."

Holy Rome looked away for a moment before continuing. "We didn't speak with each other for months after, then the Italian Revolutions happened and we just never had a chance to fix things. Each time we tried, we just made them worse."

"Such a silly thing to be so upset over, right?" Italy nodded. He had a strange feeling that there was more. Things Holy Rome wasn't saying. Italy knew himself, he wouldn't be that upset for a simple fight. Now he just couldn't understand why Holy Rome wasn't saying it.

Italy was going to try to ask something else, when someone ran into the room. It was the other Italy, looking very worried and like he had run a marathon. "We have a problem."

Italy's eyes widened. "Japan?" The first thing that went to Italy's mind was that China had finally tried to attack the Japanese island.

But the other Italy shook his head. "We still haven't heard anything from them."

"Then what's wrong, have the others finally decided if they are joining this war?" Holy Rome was the one to ask next. But Italy shook his head again.

"Let me talk!" The other Italy finally said angrily. He walked towards Italy and grabbed his hands. "We just received a message from Spain's men, it was very short. But it clearly stated that your brother is here. Your Romano arrived to our world too."

Italy's eyes widened even more. He looked back and forth between the nations. His fratello? The others back home had probably learned of what had happened to them and had sent help. But did that mean that others could have been teleported to this world too?

"I have to see him." Italy finally said, standing up. He needed to talk with his brother as soon as possible. He needed to find out if others had come to, if they had a way to get back.

The other Italy blushed and coughed. "I'm afraid that's impossible."

"Why?" Italy looked at the identical face. But it was impossible to read the other. He was a lot better at hiding his feelings than he was.

"They are in a secret hideout and already we fear that Cuban troops are closing in on them. We can get to them. The best chances are on them finding a way to get him to us." Italy looked away, feeling down and worried.

If the Cuban forces were closing in on them, that Romano and the others could be in great danger. That filled him with a sense of dread, which he hadn't felt since the Second World War. At least they had been together back then. Now his fratello was on his own.

Almost like reading his thoughts the other two nations stepped closer. "Spain and Netherlands are there, they won't let anything happen to him." Italy looked at them. This was the first time since they were both together, that they weren't fighting each other.

"Can I write to him at least?" Italy finally sat back down.

"I'm afraid not, getting message to them isn't an easy thing. Most of them get intersected before they arrive. But Spain probably arrived there already and I'm sure your brother knows you are well." Italy wanted to say he wasn't worried about himself.

"I'm going to talk to Hungary and Austria. Holy Rome turned around and left, leaving the Two Italys." The other Italy sat beside Italy, wrapping an arm around his shoulder.

"I know what is like. When Romano left for his missions, I could never sleep. Now, not knowing where he is drives me mad. But I know deep inside he is alive and that gives me strength. They won't let anything happen to him, I promise you that." The other Italy gave him a quick smile, before he too stepped up and left.

Italy hoped that they were right and that his brother would be safe. Right now more than ever he wished for Germany's company. He lay back in bed, wrapping himself with the covers, imagining that it was Germany holding him. As he drifted off to sleep, he couldn't stop thinking about his brother.

For the first time they had arrived, he allowed himself to cry. He wasn't feeling as sure as he had when they had arrived anymore.

Japan looked up from his work to watch his other self. China had after all made his move. They had been receiving so many calls that the country was forced to disconnect his phone.

Japan wished he had something to say, but he felt a bit out of place on relation with this world's problems. Instead he had tried to focus on the important work at hand. He didn't believe China would so early on risk attacking Russia, its allies and Japan. But then he didn't exactly know this world' China.

He believed that at one point Japan would be forced to change its isolation policies and ask for help. He hoped the other's government wouldn't try to be too stubborn about Japan. Yet thinking about his own people, he didn't have the brightest hopes.

"I'm almost done here." The other didn't answer, Japan wasn't even sure he had heard him. He continued to work in silence, until he finally finished for that day. He stepped out of the room and left for his own.

The lack of equipment was a big setback for him. He wanted to find a way back as soon as possible. Japan wasn't comfortable what was going on. The risks were growing and their time was running out. Sometime she wished he didn't need the sleep and could just work on in until it was finished.

As he lay down he thought of his friends. America and Japan along with those back in their world. He wondered if they knew what had happened. If they were working on a way to get them back, if they even had a chance. The machine was his own creation and Japan still didn't exactly understand what had happened.

But then, he didn't have the machine with him to look at. Maybe they had a better chance to help them, than he did. He didn't want to underestimate his friend's abilities.

When the time called for it, they were able to put their differences aside and work together. Maybe this would be one of those times.