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09 December 2011 @ 09:07 pm
Teleported Into the Looking Glass(18)  

Title: Teleported Into the Looking Glass
Author: mistressssnakey
Character(s): America, Japan, Italy and Russia(for now).  
Pairings will be announced as the show up.
Rating: PG13(this chapter is pretty PG, but rating will go up).
Warnings: Some OOC.
Summary: America, Italy and Japan find themselves in an alternate reality after a failed experiment. There things are quickly put at stake.

This story can be found at FF.net

They'd managed to get the Japanese officials to release them, having found nothing to connect them to the disappearances of the other nations. They'd also managed to keep their discovery of the machine a secret. If they learned about it, god knew what they would have tried to do with it.

Yet their capture had caught the attention of others and in less than a week the whole world knew that America, Japan and Italy had gone missing. The news were not taken well by the others. They were forced to turn their phones off to avoid the wave of calls and messages.

The nations and governments all wanted to talk with them. Demanding explanations they did not had. Even their own governments had their questions.

They'd hoped to find better news waiting for then in Japan's home. Only to once they were there, learn that South Italy had used the machine too. Now they were missing four nations instead of three. Germany and England had quickly taken over. No one else would be using the machine until they learned more about it.

They were all forced to stay in Japan while the investigation continued. It didn't help that even if they had been allowed to go free. They were still been watched. Not only be the Japanese officials but by the other countries. They had to work fast, without letting anything out.

It was easier said than done.

After finding out than South Italy was gone they'd been forced the restrain Spain who was ready to jump in the machine. By the time they'd managed to calm everyone, they'd wasted far too much time.

Even Prussia was agreed that they needed to calm that. Not only it wasn't awesome at a time like this to be fighting. But their friends were depending on them and they needed to work together.

Seen Prussia act mature for once was a shock to everyone, but at least it helped calm things down. There was really nothing they could say back.

Everyone was pushed out of the room and into the halls. No one, other than Korea, was allowed in the room by themselves. If anyone was found in there or they tried to use the machine, they would find themselves in large amounts of troubles.

It was bad enough that they were missing four countries already, they couldn't risk loosing another.

The stress and tension was quickly getting to everyone.

Now once more they found themselves in Japan's living room. They'd turned their phones off to avoid calls from the other nations. But just one look at the news told them everything they needed to know.

Everyone was in high alert and they couldn't even explain what had happened. They didn't even know. Korea had been working on the machine, but there was no explanation. Japan had kept his notes hidden so they didn't even have those to work with.

The machine was meant to have simply teleported them. But they couldn't be found anywhere in the planet. Suspensions rose as time passed and they still had no answers.

They weren't far from losing it.

The coordinates were their only current clue, that and the video. But they could understand that even less. Negative zero was an impossible thing. One they had no explanations for. It was as confusing as the fact they couldn't find their friends.

"What if they aren't here anymore?" Hong Kong finally broke the silence. He'd been sitting between Taiwan and China.

"They aren't dead," England quickly responded, "they can't be." England shook his head, he couldn't, wouldn't think about that. They had to be fine.

"Maybe he has a point." Korea was the one to talk then. "I don't mean that they are dead." Korea quickly corrected. "What if they weren't just teleported to another place here?"

"I don't understand." China said. The Asian nation wasn't making much sense.

"That coordinate it doesn't make sense to us, but maybe it's because the machine has no other way to tell us. They could have been teleported outside our world." By the time Korea was done everyone had turned to look at him.

"Teleported to another universe," England was the first to speak, now looking very thoughtful, "could be. It would explain why we can't find them here."

"Sound sci-fi." China finally said. But could that really be their answer?

"It does make sense, da. I've read about parallel worlds running alongside ours, would be fun to conquer one of them." Russia smiled from his seat and everyone decided it would be best to ignore the last comment.

"Then we can go and get them. Use the machine to takes us to that universe." And to get their friends as fast as possible. Spain had a few words he wanted to share with Romano.

"We can't." Korea stated as a matter of fact. "The machine is still a one way thing. It may take us there, but we will have no way to get back."

"It seems that things just can't be easy." Germany wouldn't deny that like Spain and probably the others in the room he wanted to jump in that machine to help their friends, to get Italy back.

But without a way back that would be useless. Another missing nation would cause more trouble here. Right now they were of more use here, than possibly lost in an unknown place. Hopefully the others were out of harm's way and together.

"But he's right. We have to get them, but first we have to make sure we can get back." The others nodded, though not completely sure.

"Korea, keep working on that machine, England try to see if you can find anything in your books, find a way to get them without leaving the country. We need to use every resource we have. Be it science or magic." That was something they could all agree on. Enough time had been wasted, now they needed to make up for it.

"I'll contact America's government, they know me well enough." Canada finally offered. He wanted his brother back. He wanted the others back too.

"We'll help." Taiwan quickly offered to help too. There wasn't much else she and Hong Kong could do.

Quickly the nations began to leave the room, each one with their own mission in mind and their friends in their thoughts.

Even if they couldn't explain it, they all had a strange feeling of knowledge that the more time they wasted, the longer it took. The more danger their friends could find themselves in. They hoped with all their might, they were wrong.

England quickly went to his magical friends for help. He wasn't allowed to leave the country, but maybe he could bring his books to Japan's home. If England was able to summon Russia, then books had to be easier to work with.

Those that didn't have anything immediate to do, went to help those that needed help. For once they needed to see if they could find some of Japan's notes. See if they had some answers, or at least would help understand the machine more.

In the end no one slept that night.

Canada finally ended the call, turning around to watch France, who was now finally sleeping. Both of them had spent the night calling and receiving calls. Canada had tried to calm America's boss down. But like them he too was worried about his country.

If it hadn't been for France, Canada would have cracked under all the pressure. Even his own people were demanding answers. While making sure it would be safe for him to stay in Japan, after three countries had gone missing.

Germany had asked them not to mention anything about the machine. Canada had also chosen not to mention that South Italy was also gone. That would only cause more panic than there already was.

He sat in another chair, across from France and next to the phone in case anyone else called. He'd been trying to act as calm as possible around everyone else.

But he'd been ready to break. The two of them had been so close. He felt almost empty with his neighbor around. He'd always hated that people confused them and people never noticed him. But he'd never wished for America to be gone. They were still like brothers.

But they would get them back, America and the others. That's why they were all working together, for the first time in years; together they were going to find a way to bring their friends back.

"Canada?" The Canadian jumped, looking over his shoulder to look at England. The British nation looked weary and tired; Canada knew he didn't look much better. "You should try sleeping.

"I'm not tired." A lie, but he couldn't find himself sleeping. Each time he closed his eyes he saw the image of his brother. Images about what could have happened to him and the others.

"You getting sick won't help us at all." Canada blushed. England was right.

"I feel so useless." The blonde nation wrapped his arms around himself, trying to hold back the tears that wanted to spill. Around England, who'd been almost a father to him, allowed him to let go a little bit, to show his true emotions.

"What are you going on about lad? You've been helping a lot." England couldn't see himself answering all those calls. "You are doing a lot."

"I know, but I wish I could do more, more to get them back." England smiled at the other man.

"If you want you can try helping me with the spells. I'm sure the frog can take care of any calls." Moving away, England stopped, remembering something. "But you should get some sleep first."

"Thank you." Canada called after the other nation. He wasn't as knowledgeable in magic as England. But as a colony he'd read over some of England's books.

Canada finally rested his head back against the chair, closing his eyes. He didn't want to sleep that long. But England had a point. Going for too long without sleep could only weaken him. Then he would be even more useless, unable to help with anything.

His tired body gave in soon after. Thankfully, no dreams came, his body had been too tired.

"I know they are keeping something from us." The nation paced the room, not looking at the others. "I just can't understand why."

"Maybe they don't trust us?"

"Or maybe they are just feeling guilty. Seems rare for them to want to keep secrets if they aren't responsible for what happened, right?"

"I trust Germany, if they don't want to talk, they most have their reasons." All this panic shouldn't be wasted on this. The brunette turned to her companion, who nodded in agreement.

"I think that bastard England is probably the one telling them not to say anything!"

"Sealand, what are you doing here?"

"I'm a real nation!" Everyone was far to preoccupied with the meeting to bother to take him out of the room. It was easier to just ignore him.

"I could easily break there with my axe and force them to spill whatever information they are hiding." Some countries cheered at that.

The taller, more menacing, blonde grabbed hold of his friends. "I'm sure you would love doing that, but it won't help." A shorter nation was the one to speak, standing beside the other male.

"I don't see why not, they aren't talking, so it is in our right to try and find means to gain the information. They were our friends too? More nations cheered.

"Big brother would tell me anything, I just need to get there and ask him."

"Sis, I think you would only make it worse." The other woman looked away, face heating in slight anger. Her big brother would tell her. He just hadn't been able to contact him yet.

"Have you guys found anything?" Someone finally asked the group of Asians, which simply shook their heads.

"They haven't even answered our calls."

"I tried calling Spain and South Italy, but their phones were off. I was only able to talk to that Canadia boy."

There was a wave of more murmurs and more fighting. It didn't look like their meeting would be getting anywhere.

"Have any of you tried contacting the missing nations' governments?"

"Our bosses have tried, but it seems everyone is skipping around all of our questions."

"I don't think they even know what happened."

"This is a waste of time, no one here knows anything. I'm leaving." Some of the nations stood up and left.

But sadly they had a point. They'd tried to call for a meeting in hopes of finding something. But the only thing they'd learned was that none of them knew exactly what had happened.

Those who knew were in Japan, keeping that information to themselves.

"Wales, we know you spoke to England. Did he say anything?"

Everyone who had reminded in the room turned to look at the other country. "He only gave me instructions about our country. Nothing else." Every looked disappointed by these news.

"I guess this concludes our meeting then. If anyone learns anything new, make sure to inform everyone else. We'll have another meeting in a week." Finally the rest of the nations left the room.

Hungary who was now walking besides Austria watched as they all left. "I hope we don't need another meeting and this is solved before the week ends. She hated all the panic and distrusts these situations caused. She was also deeply worried about Italy and the others.

"I wish they would tell us something, at least to ease our worries." He had raised Italy, why wouldn't Prussia or Germany tell him something.

Hungary understood Austria's feelings, along with many of the others. But she didn't want to pressure them into saying anything. If they were keeping quiet, they probably had good reasons. They just needed to be more patient with them.

"Maybe us knowing will only make things worse?"

"I know. But it can also mean we can help them." They didn't need to do it alone.

I think they know that." They should anyway.

By the time Canada woke up, someone had placed a blanked over him and France was already on the phone. Leaving the French nation to his work, Canada lifted the blanked and left to see what advances they had made, also to find England after.

On his way there Canada met with Taiwan, who was carrying large folders. He decided to help her with them. He needed to find out if Korea had learned anything new anyway.

They found the other country with his nose deep in mountains of documents and blue prints. Russia and Germany who had some knowledge of machinery were helping him. But their knowledge couldn't match Japan's, making their task the more difficult.

"Have you guys found anything?" Germany was the one to look up.

"Da. It was a shortage in the controls that caused the change in coordinates. We can't exactly explain why. It isn't anything new, but at least it confirms the theory. They weren't teleported to anywhere in our world." No matter how hard they looked, they wouldn't be found here after all.

"The concept, the possibility of parallel world is not new. But it was almost a dream to be able to travel between dimensions." A distant dream, this was all too advanced for any of them. This had happened completely by accident, which made it even more difficult to work with. Korea still had a lot of work to do.

"Sadly this still leaves us with a way to get to them, but no way to return back here." It was almost as going back to square one.

Noticing the distress in Canada's face, Taiwan tried to comfort the other country. She and Japan were close, almost like siblings. She understood in some way how Canada must have felt. She and the other Asians visited him often enough to know he cared deeply for his southern neighbor and brother.

"I should find England, I promised him I would help." The large white room, with all of its machines made him uncomfortable.

"Please keep us informed of any finding you guys find." Canada nodded and quickly left the room.

Canada found England in Japan's library. The nation had his head resting on top of a book. His body had probably finally given up. Of all the concern he'd showed for Canada only hour ago, he wasn't taking care of himself neither.

Not wanting to wake him, Canada turned around and left for the kitchen. With England sleeping he couldn't help with the research. Not sure what exactly he needed to look for. But at least he could in the meantime prepare some breakfast for himself and the others.

As the smell of food filled the home, everyone who had been worked stopped and joined the others in the kitchens. They hadn't eaten anything good in sometime and the food smelled delicious.

Germany had heard some good thing from Prussia about Canada's pancakes, today he would be finding out if all that praise was true.

After the first bite, he confirmed that yes it was.

"This is great mon petite Matthieu. You really took after me after all." France was quick to praise, while giving England a quick grin.

If the British nation wasn't so tired, hungry and enjoying the food, he would have punched the French frog. It was probably a good thing that they hadn't sat next to each other.