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09 December 2011 @ 09:05 pm
Teleported Into the Looking Glass(17)  

Title: Teleported Into the Looking Glass
Author: mistressssnakey
Character(s): America, Japan, Italy and Russia(for now).  
Pairings will be announced as the show up.
Rating: PG13(this chapter is pretty PG, but rating will go up).
Warnings: Some OOC.
Summary: America, Italy and Japan find themselves in an alternate reality after a failed experiment. There things are quickly put at stake.

This story can be found at FF.net

Russia had been on his way to his office, the day was almost over, but there were still some things he needed to take care of. For once contacting Europe was a priority. Already England and Spain had left, but France was still there trying to convince the others to join the war.

He felt sorry for the other nation. He had a tough crowd to try and turn around, one that had been saying no for years. But he was the best man for it. The French nation had a charm that neither of them had. If anyone could convince them, it was France.

He'd managed the got most of them on his bed after all. Including his own enemies. How he managed it, they probably would never know. But after all he was called the Country of Love for a reason.

Russia himself had a lot of convincing to do in Asian. Something that wasn't going very well, he still hadn't been able to convince them about backing Canada and the rest of the American nations.

At least he was sure that the majority of them wouldn't just back Cuba up. They knew that doing that would mean risking war against him. Or simply didn't trust the other nation. Those who had were now under his control after all.

That didn't mean that at least one wasn't close to doing just that. There was China, who could easily become a threat to him.

Russia was almost to his destination when one of his citizens called after him. The large nation stopped and waited for the young man to catch up to him. He couldn't remember having anything planned for the day. Any meetings he had to attend and could have missed.

Maybe something had happened? He hoped Canada was well. He'd wanted to visit the other nation and see how they were doing. But work had kept him away. At least he knew his Canadian friend would understand.

Lithuania was there after all and had made sure to keep Russia informed of everything. He would have preferred to be there in person. But unfortunately nothing could be done about it yet. He needed to be positioned here on his own country. Until China made a move, one they very well knew was coming.

Maybe he would send Ukraine there to, she would be able to help around and she was already close friends with the Canadian. He would look into it and see if he could afford sending Ukraine away.

"Sir, it has happened." The soldier wasn't one of his own. He was one of Canada's who'd been helping around to try and get the other Asian's to back them up.

"What has happened?" Russia had a very good idea of what it was.

The young man handled him the open letter, Russia read it over and nodded. Just like he'd guessed, China was finally making a move.

"Get everything ready. Make sure to inform our allies." The young man bowed and disappeared to do what he'd been told.

Russia took the papers to his office. There was a lot of work to do now.

Russia looked down at the set of papers, revising them for the fifth time that morning. He would have been surprised had he not been expecting such a move for some time now. At least now they would stop dancing around it.

China had finally made his move and soon Russia would be responding back. In less than a day orders were already going out. Without doubt China was aware that Russia had been expecting such an attack and was ready for a response. Mongolia had called neutrality. But Russia was sure that his fellow nation if forced to pick a side would rather back him up than China.

The only other nation that still called neutrality was Japan. A much harder to gain ally, something that both China and Russia knew. If Japan fought he could be as much of a danger to Russia as he was to China, the Japanese nation wouldn't back neither of them.

Which was rather unfortunate, Japan could be a powerful ally. Even if it was a small island, it had a large population, natural protection and a strong army. Russia would still try contacting him. Japan was no fool and he knew that China would waste no time in attacking him.

Both of them had been waiting for this, had been preparing for months. It wasn't going to be an easy war. But Russia was sure of his chances. Many other nations had tried to conquer his land and they had failed.

But even in victory, the damage and losses would be large. It also meant he couldn't fully focus in helping the Canadian forces keep out the Cuban army.

Russia finally moved the documents aside as someone knocked. The door was opened to reveal Russia's younger sister, Belarus. Russia had asked them to contact the surrounding nations. Find out who, now that China had made a move, was on their side.

Belarus walked in, settling down various forms. "Big brother, we received two messages. Mongolia still calls for neutrality, though they reassure us that they won't be backing China up. But India is willing to back us up."

Russia nodded; he'd been expecting just that. India was already backing up the British Empire in America, with China joining forces with Cuba.

Russia nodded, picking the documents up and reading quickly over them. "Keep in contact with everyone. Try to get them in our side." Or at least to make sure they wouldn't be allying themselves with China and his allies.

Allies Russia couldn't exactly call that. Most of them had been forced the back the larger nation or risk an invasion by the Chinese forces.

"Большой брат?" Russia looked up to notice that Belarus was still in the room. The look she was giving him reminded him a lot of their older sister. Russia could see the worry and concern for him in her eyes. The fact she wasn't trying to get him to marry her said a lot more than anything she could say could.

"You haven't slept, maybe you should take some time off to rest? Ukraine and I could look after things here." Russia wanted to say that no one in the building had been able to sleep through the whole night, including the two of them.

"нет, I need to do this. If anyone needs to rest is you and Ukraine." They'd been making calls the whole night, while making sure the orders were going through.

Belarus shook her head. "нет, if Большой брат is staying to work then so will I."

"Very well then, find out if we've received a response from Turkey and inform me immediately." Russia returned to his work, hearing as Belarus pulled her chair back and left.

The door clicked shot leaving Russia by himself. It was still too early for them to receive all of the replies from the other countries. But things were moving faster than they had planned for.

Cursing under his breath Russia picked his phone. Entering the numbers he waited for someone on the other line to pick up. It was a private number, one that he'd only used once before. He hoped the other person would pick up.

Finally a familiar voice came through. "I was wondering when you would call, aru."

Russia would have rolled his eyes if the other nation had been looking. "You've taken a big risk doing this old friend. I was just wondering why you would bother with such a risk."

Russia could almost see the other nation smirking on the other side. "The world is changing. I've chosen to play for the winning team." The other nation laughed. "You would know about that wouldn't you?"

"You won't win." Russia said as a matter of fact. China was only a distraction Cuba wanted to use on him. His forces were the real threat and they were currently busy in Canada.

They were far away and unable to help their new Chinese allies. Cuba didn't care if China lost or won, he just wanted to keep the full force of the Russian forces away from Canada. Something Russia was sure China knew. That's why he couldn't understand why he would risk it.

"Now that you got that laughter out of your system, why don't you tell me the truth? Does Cuba have something on you old friend? Da, I bet that's it." Maybe angering the other nation would help on bringing something out. Maybe reveal why China was really doing it.

"I only do what's best for my people. This is what's best for them now." Russia could see a waver on the other's tone. But China quickly recovered. "You should do the same. Canada will lose and America will fall. The rest will follow after. Making an enemy out of Cuba is a foolish idea."

Could it be simple fear? Russia doubted that, it wasn't like China. The other nation was old, older than any of them. China had fought in wars, had lost even. But he'd managed to stay strong even after defeats.

That only left a gain. China could be gaining something from all of this. But to risk the lives of his civilians for a war he knew they wouldn't win.

"Here I thought we could have a serious conversation, but I see that you aren't going to tell me." He hadn't been able to learn much, he didn't believe China's reasons at all. But it kept him thinking now. "We'll be meeting in the battlefield soon then."

"Probably not as soon as you believe," Russia stopped after hearing that, "I'm currently far away from the battlefield." That was interesting, finally a useful bit of information.

"I don't understand, why start the war when you aren't even near it to help lead your people?" The other side was silent for a full minute before China chuckled.

"I'm well informed about what is happening. Probably more than you are aware of. I'm just needed somewhere else, bigger things are happening. Things you can't even begin to comprehend." Russia frowned. He could hear the other nation mocking him.

"Then why don't you tell me instead of beating around the bush like our Western friends say." He doubted China would say anything, but it was worth trying.

"I should be on my way, I've already said too much." Not enough Russia thought. "It was nice talking to again Russia. We will meet in person in time." The line went dead making Russia curse out loud. He'd been left with multiple questions.

Russia really wished he could talk with Canada now. What China had said wasn't something he could just discuss over the phone or even letters. It was a matter that could only be discussed personally. But he couldn't just leave his country to go to talk with Canada and neither could the other nation.

Russia stood up, leaving his office. There was something he needed to do. Hopefully it would work.

It had begun at last. China was on his move that would keep Russia busy and inside his country. He started up to the Canadian blue sky, a sky that hadn't always been his. That soon would no longer be his.

All of this land would become part of his growing Empire. In time all would be.

Things were looking good. His forces had been pushing the Canadians back north. They hadn't been prepared for it and were trying to get civilians out of the way at the same time. The populated cities were easy targets fir air raids.

They were good, advanced weaponry and strong man power. But Cuba had been fighting for years. His soldiers had been in the fields many times before. This had been the first war for the Canadian forces in years. The majority of the soldiers had never witnessed actual battle before.

Cuba smirked towards the blue sky, all according to plan.

"Señor, we have received news about the rebel forces in Dominica. Two nations have been identified there like you said, España and Netherlands. But it seems our men also identified a third nation. "

Cuba stopped looking at the sky to look at the soldier. "A third nation…?" He was sure only the two other should have reported to that base. Why would they risk bring a third one.

"Señor it was South Italy." That really took Cuba by surprise, as it was impossible. South Italy had been captured by his forces months ago.

"That's impossible; Italia Del Sur is our prisoner." The soldier took a step back, visibly shuddering. They all knew the dangers of making Cuba angry. The nation was far from forgiving and his punishments could be gruesome.

"We know Señor, but it's the only explanation. The other two Italys were reported to still be in Austria-Hungary. This was without doubt South Italy." Cuba thought about. It couldn't be that someone else had arrived. Visitors from another would like those three.

If another one had come, and then could that means others could do the same? Cuba couldn't risk that happening. A chance for them to gain allies from a parallel world, it would ruin his plans.

"Mierda…" Cuba turned to the man "get me China on the phone." Cuba thought that over. He still didn't fully trust the other country. "Never mind, I think I'll give our prisoner a little visit... Get everything ready for that, I want to speak to South Italy."

The man vowed and left.

Cuba turned away walking forward. Things were changing and he hadn't planned for those changes. He hated it. For years he'd been in control of everything, even when his opponents hadn't known. That's how they had taken over South America. How they had reminded undefeated.

He'd thought that those three nations could be an interesting addition to the game. But with others coming, others he didn't even know where they were if there were others around.

His hand fisted, hard enough to almost draw blood. He was losing control and that just couldn't be. Hopefully the rebels would be caught and that would give Cuba a chance to find out more from South Italy, if it was really him.

He had some of his best men on that mission. Even included some of the few nations on his side he trusted. Capturing those two European nations would have been a delicious victory for him. Spain his ex-colonizer for once, to have his old parental figure as a prisoner would be bittersweet irony.

But now it was more important than that. He wanted this South Italy. Not only would it give him information. But also he could use the other nation against the other three. They would surely be willing to do anything to get their friend back.

They had no connections to the nations here. Their friend would be something important for them. People were willing to do unthinkable things to get their precious loved ones back.

Yes, that was it. He needed to stay positive. Maybe a fourth nation here could work for his benefit rather than against it.

Of course that would only work if they were captured. But Cuba was feeling very positive about that mission. They were surrounded, stranded in a small island and they wouldn't be able to leave it without him knowing. Dominica was one of his own territories after all.

It had been foolish of them to go there believing he wouldn't know.

Now that foolishness could give him a lead on this war. Cuba looked up at the sky once more. Smoke had started to hide the blue, bellow another town burned.

This was after all a good day for him.

He turned away towards the car waiting for him. He was closing in on Canada. He'd been notified that the Canadian had finally arrived to the battlefield, accompanied a strong force of men. He'd also heard rumors that Prussia and England had joined him there.

Cuba had a feeling the two of them would be meeting face to face very soon. He couldn't deny he was looking forward to that. It had been years since he'd seen the Canadian.

He'd always found the Canadian nation interesting. Foolish for denying him, but that made him even more interesting.

He hoped he hadn't changed much. It was always more fun when he got to break them after they were taken in. Make them what as their nation was defeated.

Now wasn't the time to think about that. There was an old friend he was going to visit.

South Italy had been a tough one to capture. Still he fought on even after months. At least he had stopped yelling, probably after he'd damaged his own vocal cords.

Cuba pulled his phone out, dialing for his new ally. While he wasn't planning to tell anything to China just yet, he wanted to see how things were doing on his front. That China succeeded on keeping Russia away and busy.

Now more than ever he couldn't afford other countries butting in on his plans. There were far too many risks he hadn't planned for.

Cuba wouldn't allow for anything else to go wrong. Not when he plans were so close to coming to fruition.

China picked the phone and the two nations talked as Cuba made his way to where his prisoner was. he made sure not to tell the other man about the scond Italy, even if China was well aware of the other three visitors to their world. He'd learned of the second Japan when his ambassadors had visited the Japanese nation to try and form an allience.