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09 December 2011 @ 09:02 pm
Teleported Into the Looking Glass(16)  

Title: Teleported Into the Looking Glass
Author: mistressssnakey
Character(s): America, Japan, Italy and Russia(for now).  
Pairings will be announced as the show up.
Rating: PG13(this chapter is pretty PG, but rating will go up).
Warnings: Some OOC.
Summary: America, Italy and Japan find themselves in an alternate reality after a failed experiment. There things are quickly put at stake.

This story can be found at FF.net

"Dinner is ready!" Italy called as he ran across the gardens to catch up to Holy Rome who had arrived the previous morning. He'd been forced to leave right after Italy had arrived which hadn't left them much time to talk face to face. But during the week that had followed they had kept in touch through phone calls.

The other nation had been finally given a chance to stay with them and to celebrate Italy had decided to make some of his favorite pasta dish for him and the others. He'd spend most of the day working in it while Holy Rome had been working in the garden.

It had been overwhelming for Italy to see Holy Rome again after such a long time. He'd always believed that Germany and his old friend had been alike in many things. But now seen Holy Rome he really noticed their similarities. If it weren't for a few minor differences, Holy Rome had a much deeper voice. Italy would have believed they were the same. It made him miss his Germany more.

But in a brighter note he was able to see and talk to someone he'd never imagined before he would get a chance to see again. It had been one of his biggest hopes, but learning of Holy Rome's death and finally years he'd been able to move on from that.

While he'd been afraid of Holy Rome, during those years in Austria's home the other nation had also been a sort of friend. His death had deeply affected Italy. It had reminded him of his Grandfather's own destruction. He'd never been fond of wars, but losing two people that you loved dearly like that had made him dislike them even more. He always dreaded when his people entered a war.

Now that Holy Rome had been able to visit again Italy had had more time to talk to him, they were able to share more of their tales in person that through the phone. America's early death and the current war were not the only different things between their worlds. It was interesting to find more about them.

One of the things Italy had learned though had been that this world's Italy wasn't as close to Holy Rome anymore. The Italian government had supported the war against Cuba since the beginning. Since the Roman Empire had been against it, both governments and nations had ended up drifting apart, tension growing over the years between them.

Italy hadn't been happy to hear that. He'd been devastated when Holy Rome had died. Yet in this word were he had lived they weren't friends anymore.

There were also other bad news to add to things. Italy feared that if the remaining European nations denied the cry for support from Canada there would be more troubles in Europe. Everyone was already on each other's neck, just waiting for the official answer.

Italy's worries were also on his friends. America who was right in the middle of it all trying to help over there, Japan who was working hard to get them back. Italy couldn't help but feel a bit useless in comparison.

Austria and Hungary were once more meeting up with their leaders. It was clear that they wanted to help. But they also feared the war. Some just believed that this war didn't concern them. This conflict was part of America, not Europe.

Those who wanted to help had to convince the other side that this war affected them too. If the whole of America fell then Cuba would be able to focus all of his attention to the rest of the world. He would be enormous in power and resources. Almost unstoppable, this is why they needed to work on stopping them while they had a chance.

Finally catching up to the other nation he tried to catch his breath. It had been a while since he'd run like that. Germany was always trying to him to work out, but Italy mostly drowsed off during their sections, which always ended up with Germany yelling at him for it.

Thinking about Germany once more made Italy miss him more. But he couldn't let that put him down. He would be seen Germany soon, he just knew it. They would go out to eat and Italy would be able to tell him all that had happened. Italy now had quite a few stories to share with the others.

"Are Hungary and Austria done?" Italy had been so deep in thought that he hadn't heard when Holy Rome had started speaking.

Italy shook his head. He doubted they would be out of that meeting room any time soon. "They came out to eat something and went back in once more."

Even Austria and Hungary were having some disagreements. While Austria wanted to help, he didn't want to send that many soldiers across to fight in the war. He feared that if they focused too much on the other continent Europe would be left open for an attack. Hungary on the other hand wanted to send as many soldiers and supplies as they could afford.

But in the end the final decision would not come from them, but their leaders.

"An ambassador from Canada arrived here too early this morning. They're meeting with him too." He'd expected America to write to him since he hadn't been able to talk with the other nation in some time. But nothing had come. It had started to worry him since Japan also hadn't received news from the other country.

"If they already ate then I guess there will be no reason to wait for them, especially If they are going to be at it all night again today. I'm actually rather glad I didn't have to attend today." Holy Rome finally followed Italy back into the house.

While Holy Rome usually enjoyed participating in those meetings, he doubted they would go anywhere any time soon. The discussions were always the same and the problems weren't solved. Hopefully with a representative from Canada present they would at least make some progress.

Washing up first, Holy Rome joined Italy at the table. The food did look pretty good. Both Italies shared the same love for pasta, apparently that was something that couldn't change, no matter from what dimension they came.

"Is it good?" Italy asked from the other side of the table. While he enjoyed cooking and was quite proud of his cooking abilities, he also enjoyed hearing what others had to say about his cooking.

Holy Rome nodded taking another mouthful. Their cooking was also equally good even it had been a while since he'd tried the other Italy's cooking. "It is delicious."

Italy seemed happy with the response and began to eat too. Italy had hoped for the others to be able to join them, but sharing the meal with Holy Rome was good too.

Both enjoyed the dinner quietly. Every now and then they could hear discussion going on a few rooms over. After finishing both nations cleaned up after them. They also saved some food for the other two nations and even the human guests in case they wanted to eat something after they concluded their meetings.

Both nations had then moved to the gardens once more to talk some more. They discussed Italy's word and even the war. Holy Rome himself didn't really talk about his stance on the war. When Italy asked him he would quickly change the subject, so the other nation had stopped asking.

Italy had learned that the Holy Roman Empire had lost a lot of their power and influence. If they continued to face that much loss it wouldn't be long before Holy Rome here was completely dissolved and he would face the same fate he had done back in Italy's world.

Something told Italy that he was aware of this and maybe that's why he didn't want to talk about the war too much. This war's outcome could easily decide what Holy Rome's future would be. Italy could see how much was at stake for everyone. No matter what the humans and others said this war would end up affecting everyone.

"Italy are you feeling alright?" Holy Rome had stopped talking and was now looking at the Italian nation with concern. It hadn't been the first time he had drifted off like that since he'd arrived. Everyone had a lot on their minds it was only natural.

Once more Italy had drifted off, ending up not hearing what the other country had been saying. This time he did end up blushing. He'd been hoping Holy Rome hadn't noticed. "Mi dispiace, I wasn't paying attention."

Holy Rome simply smiled and shook his head. "I've been like those too don't worry about it. I think everyone has been a bit distracted lately. I just wanted to tell you that's I'm off for the night." Italy nodded and watched as the other nation walked back inside.

Holy Rome had been working all day since an early hour. He'd been fixing the gardens while keeping track of everything to do with the house while Austria and Hungary were busy. It was no wonder that he was so tired. It was also much later than Italy had suspected. He'd hardly noticed how quickly time had one back. It was always like that when he spoke to the nations here.

Maybe going to bed wasn't such a bad idea. Tomorrow would be another long day. He would call Japan and even try to get in touch with America.

Italy stood up hugging Holy Rome before quickly making his way back to his room. The taller blonde reddened but also moved towards his room, still blushing.

The dreams that came that night were mostly of his friends back home. He'd been in the middle of one of them when something or someone jumped on the bed, startling him awake.

Italy woke up screaming, calling for Romano and Germany, for a moment believing he was under attack. He stopped when loud laughter and giggles filled the room.

His heart was beating so fats he was sure anyone around could hear it. His face heated quickly as full awareness came to him. He looked up from his covers only to come face to face with…. Well himself.

Italy's eyes widened at seen the other him, he'd seen the parallel nations but this was the first time he saw two of them together. Seen himself was probably the strangest thing to happen to him here. If it wasn't because he was used to seen Romano, Italy would have probably screamed.

The other him didn't seem that bothered by it thought. He was smiling almost creepily down at him. "I told you, that it was a bad idea." As the voice came Italy noticed that they weren't alone. Standing by the door Holy Rome was looking at them.

The other Italy giggled once more stepping out of the bed. "I just couldn't help it. Since found out there was another me here I've wanted to meet him. I asked Hungary to take him to my place but since you've been so busy here I decided to come here instead of keep waiting for you guys to have some free time."

Feliciano's features darkened slightly as he turned to look at Holy Rome, speaking ion a more serious note. "Not that you seem to be getting much done anyway."

Italy started at the two nations with slight confusion. For a moment it was like they had forgotten he was there. But they seemed to recover rather quickly.

"I guess we should wait outside, I really have lots of questions to ask you." Feliciano grinned and walked off. As he passed Holy Rome the two nations looked away from one another.

Holy Rome admitted that his relationship with the other Italy was a bit strained and that they didn't get along that well. But Italy hadn't expected for it to be that bad. Maybe there was something he didn't know. He couldn't help but be a bit tempted to find out.

Moving quickly he dressed and left to join the others downstairs, Italy now had a sort of plan. Something he could do and maybe help with.


Romano was slowly going insane. He'd been enclosed in the Rebellion's headquarters for a week now. There was absolutely nothing for him to do other than try to help the soldiers, which really wasn't something he wanted to do.

He'd tried finding more about what they were doing it. But that had quickly bored him. He really just wanted to find his brother. The troubles war never fully interested him.

But communication outside of their location was near impossible. There were spies everywhere. Almost every letter was intersected. They weren't even receiving news from the others. They couldn't even contact the outside world and find out if they had encountered the others.

Netherland had said that Spain was meant to have arrived already. But they were still waiting for him. Without news they couldn't even tell if something had happened and that's why he hadn't made it yet.

Romano was more than tempted to hit something in anger. But even he had to admit that it wouldn't solve anything. He was in an unknown world, dependent of other nations if he hoped to find North Italy. That only aggravated him more. He didn't want to be sitting around waiting anymore. The more time he wasted the less time he was using to find his brother.

Romano turned around just as Netherlands walked into the room. Netherlands had also been under the stress from the lack of news from the outside word. So many things could go on for them right now. Cuba's forces had been closing in into their location. But moving everyone out could bring even more attention to them.

Netherlands wished that Spain was there to help. To at least inform them of what was happening. Cuba was surrounding them and they were wasting so much time. Netherland had also promised to help Romano but he hadn't even been able to do that.

Netherland was feeling limited here. He wanted to be out there helping the others. Not hiding in the middle of a forest while their enemies closed in on them. They were in full alert now if Spain didn't arrive soon then Netherland would have no option but to risk it and try to get at least some out.

"Any news?" Romano asked though he knew the answer already. It was always the same, nothing. Netherland's shook his head and Romano looked away once more.

They stayed like that for some time. Netherlands looked over some papers while Romano thought about his brother. He at least hoped his brother was safe whenever he was.

Both nations jumped as the door was thrown open. Netherland was the first to react picking a gun up. He'd been expecting an attack for some time now. The soldier that had entered was trying to catch her breath. She pointed towards the hallway. "Mr. Antonio is here sir."

Romano and Netherlands grinned running outside. These were the best news they had received for days. Finally they would be able to receive news from the outside world.

Standing in the middle of a circle of soldiers stood a rather tired looking Spain. He turned around and seen Netherlands walk in, he smiled almost sadly and stepped away from the group to hug his friend. Romano waited outside for a bit for the two nations to reunite.

Netherlands had explained that here almost everyone believed him to be dead. The other Romano had been missing for three years after all. Once the two nations stopped hugging Romano took the chance to walk in.

Spain was still smiling when he turned around to see the newcomer. He stopped immediately his eyes widening almost comically. He almost looked ready to cry but was able to hold back the tears. Instead he stepped forward pulling Romano into a hug.

Spain allowed some tears to spill out as he rested his face on the Italian's shoulder. Romano was used to seen Spain act emotional before. But this felt different for Romano. Instead of insulting the other nation like he usually would, he allowed him to hold him. It just felt like the right thing to do in the situation.

Even if he wouldn't admitted it to himself out loud. Romano just felt spry because this people had lost their own version of South Italy. He could understand the feelings of losing someone and not knowing where they were. He was going through the same thing with Italy.

Spain finally stepped back to look at Romano. His face was stained with tears but he was smiling once more. "How did you escape?" Those who were captured and brought to Cuba never made it out. You either sided with him or you were tortured and killed.

"I…" Romano didn't have to explain as Netherlands stepped forward, placing his hand on Spain's shoulder.

"He isn't who you think he is. I believe he was accidentally teleported to our world," well it hadn't been much of an accident as Romano had wanted to come and find his brother. He just hadn't expected they had ended in a parallel universe "he isn't our Romano."

Spain's smiled fell but he nodded in understanding. "You're right," he turned to look at Romano "I'm guessing you were brought here by Japan's machine too."

After hearing that Romano gasped, for Spain to know that he must have met with the others. It would be Romano's greatest luck if Spain knew were his brother was. "How did you…"

"I've met your friends over at Russia's home. They are fine all of them. America is with Canada, Japan Is working on finding a way back and Italy is with Hungary and Austria." Romano finally breathed out knowing that his brother was indeed fine. Now he just needed to find a way to get to him and the others.

"I have to go to him." Romano had a plan. He knew where his brother was and that made things easier. Before he didn't have anything to go by than the hope his brother had ended up here too.

"That won't be so easy." Romano looked at the two other nations. "It was almost near impossible for me to get here. Leaving or entering Dominica is not easy, especially for such a long trip. No ships or planes make that trip out of here. You'll have to make it to one of the larger islands first."

"I don't care. I need to get to my brother." He wasn't as brave as some of the other nations. But as the oldest he'd promised himself he would look after North Italy.

"Romano," Spain placed a hand on his shoulder, he could understand how the other boy was feeling. But it was a risky trip, "we'll get you there. But this is something that needs to be planned. First we need to mobilize out of here. I'll get a message across to inform the others that you are here. But if we are captured you really won't be seen him again."

Romano wanted to protest but once more he had to agree with them. If he was captured than he wouldn't be able to see his brother. As much as he wanted to see his brother, he didn't want to die, and Italy was at least safe.

Romano nodded. Even if his choice had been different there was little for him to do. He hardly knew his way around the compound let alone the island. He needed their help whenever he wanted it or not.

Looking back up Romano noticed that Spain was looking at him. For some unknown reason the way he was looking at him caused Romano to blush. The Spaniard noticed this and laughed once more. Pulling Romano into another hug, the Italia did protest this time.

"Let me go tomato bastard." Spain finally pulled back still laughing. Romano was red-faced, looking exasperated he turned away and walked towards his room while the others began to discuss.

He continued to whisper to himself that the food and water had started to go to his head. That was the only reason why he had found the way Spain had been looking at him kind of cute. No sane person would have thought that of the Spaniard, who was far from cute or anything remotely similar.

Japan gripped the cup of tea. It wasn't going very well, he still had no idea exactly what had happened. Even if he completed the machine again he still didn't know how they had been teleported here so he didn't know how to get them back. Not even with the other Japan around, they still hadn't been able to find a solution.

It didn't help that he knew that America and Italy were depending on him too. Italy was safe for now. But America was out there near some dangerous battles. He hadn't exactly approved of America going there. But once the superpower made his mind there was no way to stop him. He was willing to get hurt if it meant saving others. They both had been brought here by his machine and they were his responsibility.

There was also their own world back home. Three missing nations would not go unnoticed. By now the others probably knew about it and that could cause trouble. Their governments would worry and so would the other nations. If they didn't know what had happened then that could end up badly. That was another reason why he needed to get them back as soon as possible.

He couldn't fail the others and he couldn't fail himself. Japan had a big responsibility and he couldn't waste any more time.

The Asian nation looked up to stare at this world's Japan. Japan wasn't the most sociable of nations. But with the help of his friends he'd been able to come out more. Feel more at ease around others.

This world's Japan hadn't been given that chance. He'd remained in isolation and was still on it. Japan was starting to think that he was probably the first nation to enter the country in years. Around him Kiku was reserved and didn't seem to talk much. Only when they spoke about the machine the country bothered to speak.

Japan had never noticed how cold he had been before he had allowed others in. Sometimes he couldn't help but feel uncomfortable about the things they did, especially during those first years. But now been around this Japan that had never opened up to others he was grateful.

"I hope the tea is of your liking." Kiku had placed his cup down and was now looking directly at Japan.

"Hai, the tea is quite good, one of the best brews I've drank." He had to admit that after all the work he was putting into the machine he needed some time off to rest. Japan wasn't eating or sleeping the necessary amounts his body needed. It wouldn't matter how much time he put into it if he machine now if he ended up getting sick for it and ended up wasting more time on a recovery.

"Doumo arigatou gozaimashita, I'm glad it is of your enjoyment", Kiku took another sip of his drink and the room fell into silence once more.

Japan was the first to finish his tea, as he waited for the other Japan to finish his thoughts drifted off once more. Last time he'd tried contacting America he had learned that the other nation had left the safe home he'd been staying on. Without doubt to join the battle happening down south Japan had quickly guessed.

Japan had tried contacting Russia right away, hoping that the other nation would have been able to get America out of there as soon as possible. But his calls hadn't made it to the other nation. Currently people didn't exactly know where his location was. But everything seemed to point to the growing tension along the Chinese border.

If China decided to attack Russia Japan wondered if he would also turn his attention to the other neighboring nations. Kiku didn't want anything to do with the war, but that didn't mean he couldn't turn out to be a target for the Chinese forces if his country turned down an alliance.

China was without doubt trying to get his neighboring countries to ally with him. He'd already tried contacting Kiku and probably the others too. Just because Kiku's government had denied the request for an alliance didn't mean the others had made the same decisions.

With his current isolation from the rest of the world, Japan could easily be standing alone in case of an attack. His lack of concern could have distanced him from those who could have come to his aid. Japan couldn't help but feel concerned. If the events continued to unfold America wouldn't be the only one standing in the middle of an open war.

Kiku coughed bringing Japan out of his thoughts. The other nation was picking everything up having finished his cup of tea. "We should continue working right away." With every passing second Japan wanted to be out of three faster.

Kiku simply nodded, handling everything to one of the helps around the house. He the then joined Japan as they made their way back to their workplace on the back of the house.

They worked on the machine for an hour before Japan couldn't put the worries away. Putting the data sheet down Japan looked up at his counterpart. "If I may ask, are you not worried about an attack?" The Asian nation blushed. He wasn't used to blurting things out like that. "With all of the steps China is taking it seems inevitable that something is going to happen."

Japan picked the date once more. He'd been fumbling with his hands and looking around the room, avoiding the other's eyes. He wasn't usually the one to ask questions like that, it probably was because he'd been hanging with America a lot lately. But he also couldn't help but be worried. He was in the country after all. An attack could affect him as much as anyone else.

Kiku seemed to think the question over. The small nation bit down on his lips Japan noted a small hint of worry on his eyes, this hint quickly faded away. "If something happens, then my people and I will fight back and we'll defend ourselves just like we've done before."

Without another word Kiku returned his attention to the job at hand. Japan didn't say anything else he too went back to work. His concerns had not been clenched. But now finding a way back was his priority.